Watch: Sony Michel Gets Patriots’ Scoring Started Against Jets With 3-Yard TD

The New England Patriots had a strong start of the game. Tom Brady and Co. opened with a 16-play, 78-yard drive that took 8:42 to complete. It ended with a 3-yard touchdown run by Sony Michel.

The quarterback completed 8 of 9 passes for 55 yards on this drive, and the only incompletion involved tight end Ben Watson as the ball hit him in the facemask. Watson caught a 10-yard pass to move on third-and-5 and served as a main blocker on Michel’s first touchdown after playing fullback.

Let’s not forget that Michel had a surgery, but he plays really well. He is looking forward to an excellent game this season.

“I’m just going back to the basics and get better,” Michel said at a BJ’s in Franklin. “Just trying to work on some of my movements, speed. It’s everything. You always want to work on all aspects of your game.”

“It all depends on how it plays out,” he said when asked if he would improve his pass-catching game in the past offseason. “If that’s what coach wants me to do, then I’m going to have to step up and do it. It’s all dependent on what they want my role to be. You can catch a ball off a gauntlet, off a little machine that shoots you the ball. You can always work on any aspect of the game.”

It’s always great to see that Michel is ready for a fresh start. He promised a successful season.

“Once we get back rolling, gotta start from square one,” he said. “You can’t really approach it as a Super Bowl champion. You gotta g

The Patriots are really happy with his contribution, and head coach Bill Belichick always finds words of praise for him.

 “Yeah, well, I mean, he’s a good back,” he said. “He’s a good player, runs well, takes care of the ball, he’s tough, he’s got good playing strength, runs through some arm tackles. He’s still got a lot to learn, still a lot of things that he can work on, but he’s a tough kid, he’s smart, he works hard, he’s out there every day, so he keeps getting better. That’s a good thing.”

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