Tedy Bruschi Reveals Offensive Change Patriots Should Make In 2020

The postseason ended for the New England Patriots before it even started. The team lost the playoff game to the Tennessee Titans. They also lost a game to the Miami Dolphins. Analysts didn’t predict a loss for the Patriots in these two games, but things took an unexpected turn for the defending Super Bowl champions. Tom Brady and his Patriots missed the chance to win another Super Bowl. The offense made too many mistakes. New England had the strongest defense in the NFL, but this wasn’t enough to help the offense to score points. What’s the biggest mistake New England made this season? According to most experts, the Patriots need to make some offensive changes and Tedy Bruschi has an idea.

The Patriots tried to add Antonio Brown to their roster in an effort to win games. However, he brought too many problems in the luggage, and the Patriot decided to break every tie with the troubled player. Many players struggled with injuries, and the wideout unit had problems. Julian Edelman, James White and Rex Burkhead couldn’t handle the pressure, and it was more than obvious that the Patriots needed Rob Gronkowski so badly.

What does Tedy Bruschi suggest this time? He encourages the Patriots to find a “Taysom Hill.”

“Following the (Sean) Payton/(Drew) Brees/(Taysom) Hill concept,” Bruschi tweeted Tuesday. “Gives a defense multiple looks to defend and saves wear and tear on an older QB body.”

New England needs someone to catch and carry the ball. Hill is pretty good in this one. He has a consistent receiving and rush game. He gave the New Orleans Saints offense a great advantage in 2019. It wasn’t enough, because the Saints ended up in the same way as Bruschi’s former team.

Brady will turn 43 in August, and he really needs someone with the same skillset as Hill. Of course, he has to confirm his return first. The quarterback is set to become a free agent in March, and he doesn’t really reveal much about his future plans with the Patriots. New England needs him around for a few more years.

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