Gisele Shares Beautiful Video Of Playing With Dog In The Snow During Family Trip

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been heavily involved in free agency rumors. Brady is set to become a free agent in March, but it doesn’t seem like the quarterback is really affected by these rumors. It’s time for Brady’s annual family ski trip, and Gisele enjoys every bit of it. The family probably enjoys the beauties of the exclusive Yellowstone Club. Of course, we don’t have an official confirmation for this information. One thing stands for sure, Brady isn’t really bothered with his pending free agency.

Brady escaped the talk about his future with the New England Patriots by doing skiing with his wife and kids. The quarterback was also accompanied by some of his close friends. TB12 keeps us updated, and he always shares pics and videos of his family trip. This time Gisele shared a video. It features a new friend. We can’t really hear the name of the dog, but we sure can hear Gisele calling it.

A couple of weeks ago, Brady shared a photo of his body coach and business partner Alex Guerrero. A certain Brody Mason was part of the skiing squad, too. “Pow Town,” read the caption. There videos of his downhill skiing, and luckily, there were no injuries.

Gisele enjoys the family trip

Brady is all-in when it comes to spending time with his wife and kids. He even skips the voluntary portion of the team’s practices to hang out with his gang. Gisele has been his greatest supporter, and she does all the hard work at home. Brady spends most of the year season on the field, and Gisele takes care of the kids.

When it comes to Gisele, the Brazilian supermodel has developed better skiing skills than her husband. They started at the same time, and Gisele’s skills are sort of better. Well, we know that Brady is a competitive person so he will sure try to catch up with his lovely wife.

This offseason is one of the most important offseasons Brady will have in his career. He will have to make a decision on his future with the Patriots. The Las Vegas Raiders have already shown their interest in TB12.

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