Kendrick Perkins Calls Out Critics For Unfair Treatment Of LeBron James

Lakers superstar LeBron James is the most talked-about player in the basketball world. The king of basketball has been heavily criticized for encouraging players to join his teams. Well, the Los Angeles Clippers did that this season and triggered an avalanche of reactions. Former NBA big man and ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins was the first to step in defense of LeBron.

Perkins took to his Twitter account to call out those who criticize LeBron and step back when it comes to criticizing the Clippers. He can’t really cope with the idea that the Clippers are packing their team and no one says a thing. It’s funny how LeBron received a different treatment. Some even question his skills and say that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. We won’t even get into the GOAT debate. For now.

Kendrick Perkins defends LeBron James

What pulled Perkins’ trigger? It was the Clippers’ move to add point guard Reggie Jackson this week. He was an excellent addition to their depth chart. The team also got New York Knicks forward Marcus Morris at the trade deadline.

The Clippers own the third spot in the Western Conference with a 37-18 record at the moment. They are just five games behind LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron is one of the best if not the best player of the era. People don’t think twice before pouring out their hate. LeBron’s success actually made him an easy target for hate. It all started when the Cleveland Clippers added a bunch of players to help him win games. This added fuel to the fore.

But why don’t these people say a word about the Clippers and their recent additions?

Perkins is a 14-year NBA veteran, and he is well aware of the criticism LeBron has faced throughout his career. They shared the floor in Cleveland in two separate seasons, 2014-15 and in 2017-18.

The Lakers don’t need an addition at the moment. They work really well on the court. LeBron and Anthony Davis have the perfect chemistry, and the rest of the players only add to this bond. The Lakers are ready to win a title this season.

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