Julian Edelman Shares Cute Video While Going To The Cinema With His Daughter

Patriots wideout Julian Edelman has plenty of free time this offseason. His New England Patriots were eliminated from the playoff run too soon. The team lost the Wild Card Game to the Tennessee Titans, and players had plenty of time to think of their offseason move. Nineteen players are set to enter the open market, including quarterback Tom Brady. Edelman isn’t bothered with any of this, and he has enough time to hang out with his daughter. Oh, wait, he is also busy leading the Stay Tom campaign.

Let’s go back to his fatherhood. The Patriots wideout took to his Instagram stories to share a video of him and Lily Rose. They had some fun time at the cinema. The little girl sure enjoyed the adventure she had with her dad.

Edelman isn’t married to Lily’s mom, Swedish supermodel Ella, but they have found a way to communicate. They both have careers, and the girl travels a lot so she can spend enough time with her both parents.

Edelman and his daughter go on adventures

Ella isn’t the only supermodel Edelman has ever dated. He was also seen in the company of Adriana Lima. He was seen partying with Demi Lovato right after the Super Bowl. Well, Edelman’s next lady will have to try really hard to get his attention. She also has to click with his daughter. Lily’s stepmom has to be someone special. Some say this sounds like an audition, but Edelman is a caring dad and he won’t let anyone around him.

When it comes to his career with the Patriots, Edelman will stay in New England for two more years. 2019 was one of his best seasons, but he couldn’t help the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

Edelman is now focused on helping the team keep TB12 on the roster. Lily is here too.

Parenting changed him a lot. Although Edelman didn’t have these plans for his future, Lily was the best surprise he has ever had in his life. He had to change his priorities, but he has enough time for his cute princess and his game with the New England Patriots.

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