Alex Guerrero Releases Major Statement On Edelman’s PED Suspension

Julian Edelman faced a four-game suspension, because he violated the NFL’s performance-enhancing drugs policy. The NFL community rushed to say that Edelman is tied to Tom Brady’s controversial personal trainer, Alex Guerrero.
Guerrero didn’t have anything left to do but issue a statement, and defend himself. He’s been a target for quite some time now.

Brady’s trainer said he had nothing to do with Edelman’s suspension. He also criticized those who suggested any other alternative.

“I’ve known Julian since his rookie year and he is a phenomenal athlete who takes his training seriously — it’s disappointing to hear today’s news. Elite athletes sometimes work with multiple coaches and health professionals as part of their training. Here at our facility, we take a natural, holistic, appropriate and, above all, legal approach to training and recovery for all of our clients. And anyone who would suggest otherwise is irresponsible, and just plain wrong,” he said.

Edelman talked about the scandal, too, citing “TB12” as some sort of help for his comeback.

“Yeah, I mean, everyone’s a competitor. So sometimes you’re your own worst enemy when you’re trying to do that. But it is what it is, and there’s a big part of the process and I’ve got a lot of guys, training staff helping me out — TB12, all that stuff — to get to where I want to be,” Edelman said.

You probably remember how Edelman compared Alex Guerrero to Mr. Miyagi in his Instagram story in which Brady’s trainer assists him.

The suspended player also credited the trainer for keeping his muscles “pliable.”

“I’m at the facility from 7 to 3 o’clock, working on my knee, then I go up to the TB12 center. I get that work in with Alex Guerrero to keep all my muscles pliable and try to put a stamp on letting all my muscles go dormant,” Edelman said.
Guerrero may have worked with Edelman, but that doesn’t make him responsible for the scandal.

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