Stephon Marbury Claims That LeBron James Can’t Be Compared To Michael Jordan

Stephon Marbury shared his take on the GOAT debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Who is the GOAT?

The 13-year NBA veteran and two-time All-Star with the New Jersey Nets and Phoenix Suns had an interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on the podcast. During this conversation, Marbury said fans should never ever compare LeBron to Jordan.

For him, fans can’t just go around and compare LeBron and Jordan. They belong to two different worlds. He believes that Jordan should never ever be even ranked on the list.

“People wanna rank Jordan? Jordan shouldn’t even be ranked. It should be Kobe, then LeBron and then you can pick guys after that. There’s just no comparison man. It’s not the same. It’s just different worlds. Different mentalities. I don’t know why Jordan’s name is mentioned in the same conversation sometimes. I’ll clear that up real quick…there’s really no need to talk about that.”

Stephon Marbury explains the whole thing even further

As you may have noticed, Kobe is placed ahead of LeBron.

“I mean, as the best player. Those guys, Kareem and Bill Russell – somebody had to give them the basketball to do what they do. Jordan got the ball and that was it. Those guys – Kareem, Bill Russell and Shaq… those are the type of guys that are different specimens on Earth that played the game. Jordan is not. Jordan is NOT from Earth. That’s different. He’s not the same. And I think it’ll really be insightful when they drop that Michael Jordan – when they drop that whole piece, I don’t know if they didn’t dropped it yet – that series…”

Marbury referred to “The Last Dance” in this conversation. He believes that watching this may show others how special His Airness was. Marbury said that LeBron is great, but also added that he should never ever be compared to the Chicago Bulls star.

“Yeah. The crazy part is that now everybody is home, so nobody can’t go anywhere. All the kids have to watch it and they’re gonna be like, ‘Daammmnnn! This is crazy!’ So it’s kind of like going to mess things up for guys like LeBron James and them saying like – You can’t say that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan? C’mon man. LeBron’s a great player. Don’t get me wrong. A great, great player. Unbelievable. Amazing. But better than Michael Jordan? – it’s not even the same. It’s just different. In fact, it needs no explanation or explaining because we can’t talk about Jordan’s game. It’s like we need to talk about what people are ‘not.’”