Report: Patriots’ UDFA Quarterback May Be More Talented Than Jarrett Stidham

Second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham is the only option the New England Patriots have at the moment. He is expected to start in September, and many analysts have high expectations from the talented quarterback. However, some suggest that the Patriots’ Stidham is not the most talented quarterback New England has at the moment.

Jarrett spent a year in New England, and he learned so much from Tom Brady in 2019. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels taught him a lot of things. But, undrafted free agent J’Mar Smith may have better physical talent than the second-year quarterback.

It’s more than obvious that Stidham is more mobile than Brady and other immobile signal-callers. However, he isn’t viewed as a player who will make a ton of plays using his legs.

Smith is able to do designed runs and scrambles, and he can also improvise when things break down. Stidham has four passes in regular-season games.

Patriots’ Stidham may not be the only option

Smith can pull out some great plays thanks to his mobility. His athleticism is better than Stidham’s skills. He looks like Josh Allen from the Buffalo Bills. Some compare him to Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks.

Stidham has an excellent arm and he can do pretty much every throw the NFL needs. He deserves nothing but words of praise for his arm skills.

What about Smith? His arm is equal and maybe even better than Stidham’s. Smith has the ability to get the football into his target’s hands even when his receiver is on the other end of the field. He can do intermediate passes and deep throws.

Both quarterbacks had problems with downfield accuracy during their college games. That’s why Stidham was selected in the fourth round and Smith was undrafted.

The Patriots training camp will clear out any doubts. What will happen if Smith plays better with the team? Will Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels use him as a starter?

Head coach Bill Belichick has so much to think of at the moment. Picking the right replacement for Tom Brady is a big deal for him, and he better make a good move. Who will start games for the Patriots in September?