Tom Brady Reacts To Crucial Non-Touchdown Call Vs. Chiefs

The New England Patriots lost the game to the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Patriots nation blamed referees. Well, quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t blame officials for the 23-16 loss. When asked about the touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver N’Keal Harry in the fourth quarter that was negated due to an official calling the rookie out of bounds about three yards short of the goal line, Brady provided an unexpected response.

The film showed that Harry hadn’t stepped out of bounds, but the Patriots didn’t have a challenge flag available to throw after challenging another touchdown that was taken away by referees on the previous play. Referee Jerome Boger explained that the second referee was unable to see the play because he was blocked by defenders.

According to Brady, this doesn’t happen very often, but it sure happened this time. The Patriots had a chance, and TB12 wanted his team to score.

“It doesn’t happen very often,” Brady said. “It happened. We still had a chance, and wish we could have scored there at the end.”

The rookie receiver retweeted a few videos of the play and shared two photos that show him keeping his feet in bounds. “The show goes on,” Harry wrote in a tweet.

The loss to Kansas City removed New England from contention for the No. 1 seed in the AFC, although the team is in first place in the AFC East. The Cincinnati Bengals are next on the list.

Another bad call

When it comes to Cincinnati, the Patriots may have to deal with a big problem at the moment. The Bengals complained about the Patriots production man who was recording during their game against the Cleveland Browns. The league is opening an investigation in the case, and officials are checking out the video to see if the cameraman had something else planned.

Head coach Bill Belichick says his team has nothing to do with the video. He wasn’t going to use the video, and players are in no way related to the production department. Let’s see how will the organization handle this problem. They didn’t do anything wrong, but the NFL has to see what really happened.

New England has three more games – two home games and one home game. Will they make the Super Bowl this season?

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