Photo: New England Patriots Light Up Gillette To Honor 50 Years Of Pride

The New England Patriots had a sign lit up with the Pride flag at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots showed their support for 50 years of Pride on Saturday night and it was brilliant.

The Boston Pride Parade was scheduled on Saturday, however, it was scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a protest march for transgender rights and it was organized and supported by Trans Resistance. It’s a group made up of trans people of color and their supporters. It attracted the attention of thousands, and people joined the protest march Saturday afternoon.

“After today we will no longer be silent,” said organizer Athena Vaughn.”The chains that they tried to put on us are broken, and we’re no longer being shackled. We will not be held down. We will fight back.”

The Patriots use Gillette Stadium to send a message

Trans Resistance explains that it is made up of trans people of color and their greatest supporters. Saturday’s event was partially supported by the recent protests in the country and the variety of voices being shout.

According to demonstrator Megan Anderson, this is the right time for protest. “We are standing here together in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and our black transgender brothers and sisters. … We have a monster in the White House right now who is trying to erase transgender women.”

The event took place on the day the Boston Pride Parade would have been organized. It had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the marchers identified herself as “Lana.” He really wanted to put the day in perspective. “I think people are realizing its time for a change. That’s all I know. It’s definitely time for a change. … Today was very powerful and meaningful, especially for this community. As somebody who’s grown up here, this is an extremely important day.”

Well, this is a big day for the Patriots nation and everyone is trying to take part in it. This will probably attract the unwanted attention, but we are used to that kind of behavior. The Patriots did what they had to do and the situation was held under control.