Bill Belichick Gives Interesting Perspective On Patriots’ Lack Of Preseason Games

The New England Patriots are getting ready for a highly anticipated season. Tom Brady won’t put on his Patriots uniform for the first time in two decades. A group of players opted out of the regular season, leaving the Patriots with a handful of veterans and a bunch of young souls. Head coach Bill Belichick shared his take on the preseason games and the preparation his team will have in the next period.

Teams won’t have exhibition games and this will make evaluations more difficult. We may not get a chance to see the best football in September. But, the Patriots head coach is an optimist. He knows who is playing and he doesn’t need preseason games to make adjustments.

Bill Belichick is not worried about the preseason games

Belichick has been standing on top of the Patriots dynasty for 20 years. He doesn’t need the preseason to make a move.

“We’ll just have to take advantage of our practice opportunities and create as much combination of competition to evaluate the players and also situations to get our players ready to play in regular-season games, and combine those things as we go forward,” Belichick said in a video call with reporters. “So it’ll be a little bit different setup, but that’s what college teams do every year. I think ever since the beginning of college football back in — well, I don’t know about all the way back when Rutgers started in the 1870s — but that’s the way it’s been. You go to camp for three weeks, and then you start the season. There are no preseason games. You evaluate your team, and you get ready to play. That’s what all college football teams do. So I don’t think it’s anything that’s revolutionary here.”

New England had to reduce the roster to 80 players. They will have the first training camp practice on Aug. 12 and the first full-contact session will take place on Aug.17. NFL teams will have 14 padded practices, giving coaches a chance to build the perfect roster.

“We haven’t done it that way in the National Football League for a while, and I certainly haven’t done it that way — I haven’t coached in college,” Belichick said. “But as a college player and growing up around college programs, I can remember those periods of time leading up to the start of the season. Teams had their scrimmages or whatever you want to call them and ways to prepare their team and at the same time evaluate the players.”

Belichick knows that the process proceeds into the early portion of the regular season. He knows pretty much everything about football, and the lack of games doesn’t even affect his winning formula. The situation doesn’t make any difference for the Patriots head coach. Belichick ready to win games.