Lakers Shooting Coach Makes Bold Admission About Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers have a group of talented shooters. They have a really talented squad, and Lakers shooting coach Mike Penberthy made a big admission about the group. We hear names like Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Quinn Cook, Jared Dudley and of course, LeBron James. Well Penberthy appeared on “The Lake Lake Show” podcast and said talked about the best shooter on the team.

According to Penberthy, Davis has the best shooting mechanics on the Lakers roster.

“The best shooter mechanically, we just (released) him, Troy Daniels, he was the best so far. But the guy that I’ve spent the most time with that I think at this point — and having continued to work with him during this break — is Anthony Davis, and you can see that really in his free-throw percentage. Most of you’re great shooters that have ever lived have really high free-throw percentages.

“So I usually try to evaluate people based on what their shooting percentages are, not just in games, because sometimes the game doesn’t dictate exactly how good of a shooter you are. Maybe you take a shot at the end of the shot clock, or maybe every shot you’re taking is heavily contested by the defense.”

The last factors Penberthy mentioned have probably brought down Davis’ percentages a little this season. He had to make his own shot quite often. However, this didn’t change his efficiency.

Davis is third on the true-shooting percentage with 61.4%. He is right behind Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee. The former Pelicans superstar has great efficiency despite having the second-highest usage rate on the Lakers roster. He uses 28.7% of the Lakers’ possessions while he’s on the basketball court. King James uses 30.8%.

Davis is shooting a slightly below the average, but not horrible, 33.5% on threes. He ranks ninth on the Lakers among superstars to take more than six attempts.

Davis and his team made their way to Orlando, Florida, and they will finish the season in the bubble. The team is ready to win a title, and Davis will help them do that. It’s time for a big win!