LeBron James Achieved Another Amazing Career Mileston With Victory Vs Clippers

Lebron helped the Lakers get back on track with a win vs the Clippers. With the NBA season finally starting again, many people are excited to see how the Los Angeles Lakers will do in the new bubble. Before the break, the Lakers were on the verge of having one of the best records in the entire league. Some were wondering if they would take a step back.

If the first game back was any indication, it looks like they picked up right where they left off. The Lakers picked up a good win over their counterparts in LA, the Clippers. The game was won in large part because of LeBron James, who scored the winning bucket.

But that might not have even been the biggest story of the night. On a night when LeBron was wearing a band for his late friend, Kobe Bryant, he also passed him in wins.

This was LeBron James’ 837th career regular season victory. This means that he has now passed Kobe Bryant in this particular stat. Kobe was at 836 wins when he ended his career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James Acheved Another Amazing Career Mileston With Victory Vs Clippers

Another player LeBron will likely take over is another Lakers player in Derek Fisher. Fisher has 853 victories tallied in the regular season.

It is cool to see LeBron continue to break records like this, even late into his career. With this new NBA bubble, it will be very interesting to see how he can continue playing at a high level. With their win vs the Clippers, it proves that they are still on of the favorites the win the championship.

LeBron has struggled with the death of Kobe Bryant ever since he found out. The two were very close and LeBron’s move to LA only made their relationship even stronger. So beating on of Kobe’s records might not be something James is very interested in hearing about.

In any case, it seems like he is on a mission for a title. He and Anthony Davis are working hard to ensure a trip to the finals.