Patriots’ Jarrett Stidham Had a Horrible Day in Training Camp

Apparently, Jarrett Stidham did not have a very good training camp. The New England Patriots have been working towards getting ready for the 2020 season. Last season, with Tom Brady at the helm, was quite a big disappointment. They failed to even make the playoffs, shockingly.

Now that Tom Brady has left, the Patriots are looking for someone who can officially take his place. This might be harder than they though, if the latest reports coming out of training came come out to be true.

It seems like Jarrett Stidham would like to forget Tuesday, as he did not do very well in practice.. The second-year pro who is working towards a starting quarterback position failed to make big waves. According to reports, he struggled with turnovers on during practice on the second day.

Patriots’ Jarrett Stidham Had a Horrible Day in Training Camp

During practice, Stidham was 8 of 11 on passes he threw across 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. Sadly, the 3 misses were not just incompletions but interceptions.

This is not looking good for Stidham. Most people already think that Cam Newton will be the one to take over the starting position. This definitely has not helped any of the other quarterbacks.

Head coach Bill Belichick gave his opinions on Cam Newton in the past.

“Cam’s a hard-working kid. He really is. He’s worked very hard, I’d say, as all of our players have.

“I’d say that certainly for all the quarterbacks, at that position, those guys have been locked in, focused and confident in what they’re able to do and the information they have to give to the team — play-calling, adjustments, audibles, protection adjustments, things like that. That’s all going pretty well.”

“Cam has been a late addition, but he’s brought a lot of energy and, obviously, playing experience to our room. For him, it’s catching up on the specifics of the Patriots system, terminology and so forth, which he’s worked extremely hard at. Brian Lewerke is a college free agent quarterback that is also in the room and is a developmental-type player. It’s a good group.”