NBA Hall of Famer Makes Interesting Claims on LeBron James’ GOAT Status

An NBA Hall of Famer has come out with some pretty interesting claims on LeBron James GOAT debate. LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers are currently in a battle with the Denver Nuggets. So far, they definitely look like the better team. However, they did drop game 3 and you could see the frustration and disappointment on Laker players faces. There has been a lot going on recently.

It is not surprising to see the Lakers struggle from time to time. Just take a look at what LeBron said recently about the BLM movement and violence toward police officers.

“I’ve never in my 35 years ever condoned violence,” James said in a videoconference. “Never have. But I also know what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, and I grew up in the inner city in a Black community in what we call the hood or the ghetto, however you want to picture it. And I’ve seen a lot of counts first hand of a lot of Black people being racially profiled because of our color. And I’ve seen it throughout my whole life. And I’m not saying that all cops are bad because, I actually throughout high school and things of that nature, I’m around them all the time and they’re not all bad.”

NBA Hall of Famer Makes Interesting Claims on LeBron James’ GOAT Status

“But when you see the videos that’s going on and you can see all over the — not only my hometown, but all over America — you continue to see the acts of violence towards my kind, I can’t do nothing but to speak about it and see the common denominator. But not one time have I ever said, ‘Let’s act violent towards cops.’ I just said that what’s going on in our community is not okay and we fear for that and we fear for our lives.”

But there is still a lot of conversation going on about LeBron’s play on the court. A lot has been said on the debate between LeBron and Michael Jordan.

One NBA Hall of Famer has now come out with his opinion. Charles Barkley gave us his opinion on the matter.

“If they (Lakers) win this championship, I might put him (LeBron) with Kobe Bryant. In my opinion, LeBron is a great player and a great man. I got him one slip behind Kobe Bryant. Now, if he wins this year, I might put him on the same level with Kobe. But until he wins another championship, in my opinion, he hasn’t passed Kobe Bryant. But because of all the bubble and all the stuff that’s happened this year, this would be a great accomplishment. So, I might flip-flop him (LeBron) and Kobe.”

What do you think about what he had to say?