Kobe Bryant’s Next-Gen Form Unveiled in NBA 2K21

Basketball fans will definitely love the most recent news from 2K developers. Gaming fans had a glimpse at Kobe Bryant and his next-gen form for NBA 2K21, and it was wonderful. This is great news for everyone, incluging the Bryant family.

The big news was brought on Wednesday as part of a post from 2KTV’s Twitter account. The gaming company revealed that all of the Black Mamba’s forms in the game have been changed for next-gen.

From what we can see, designers at NBA 2K21 did an incredible job with the portrayal of the Lakers legend. Here’s Kobe casting his stare off into the distance.

Kobe and his daughter Gianna died in a helicopter accident in January. They traveled with seven other people, and no one survived the crash. Kobe was 41 and Gigi was 13.

Kobe and Gigi were making their way to The Mamba Academy. The Black Mamba was supposed to coach Gigi’s youth team. It is the biggest nightmare for every basketball fan. Fans had hard time coping with the loss. The Bryant family struggles to accept the sad reality.

NBA 2K21 is impressive!

2K developers decided to honor the NBA legend. They did their best to copy his face and body despite the fact that they couldn’t get a rescan of Kobe’s features.

We will have to wait and see Kobe’s versions. Afro Kobe or Frobe is definitely a favorite. Bearded Kobe? Amazing! There are so many variations of the Black Mamba.

Kobe’s death happened too soon. No one thought that the Lakers legend would die at such a young age. Kobe was a regular at home games, and fans will miss his face at the sidelines.

NBA players honored Kobe in the NBA Finals. They had their own distinctive way of paying tribute to the Lakers legend. The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship and it was the ultimate tribute for the Black Mamba. It was a brilliant move, and the Lakers did their best to make the top and go home with a big reward.