LeBron James Gets Disrespected by Miami Heat, Makes Them Pay With Wide-Open 3

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James didn’t like the way the Miami Heat disrespected him in the first quarter of Game 2. The king will make them pay, and a 3-pointer seems like the perfect punishment for the confused Heat team.

Miami players left LeBron wide open, and he “rewarded” them with a clean shot. Crowds would have gone wild at the Staples Center.

LeBron is the best player in the history of sports. Miami players don’t see him as a dangerous 3-point shooter. Leaving him open like this should never be an option. King James has been building his outside shots, and we had the opportunity to see some really great shots. LeBron is a career 34.4 percent shooter from deep with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami and Los Angeles.

LeBron James teaches Miami Heat players a lesson

The three-time NBA champion will try to add another title to his resume. Lakers players have had great success inside the Orlando bubble. Big man Anthony Davis is leading the team in points, and he is the best fit for LeBron. There’s no jealousy or competition, and Lakers players win games while playing in perfect synergy. That’s how they climbed this high. The team entered the playoffs as the top seed of the Western Conference.

Playing against Miami seems like an easy task, and Lakers players won’t go home without a win. LeBron is doing a good job and he looks really well. Davis is healthy, too. This will be his first championship win, and the Lakers big man hopes to get his first title.

If LeBron wins the title and the Finals MVP award, he will be the first basketball player to win three championships and three Finals MVP awards with three different teams. You can’t underestimate that.

LeBron is the greatest of all time and he still receives an unhealthy dose of criticism from his doubters. The good news? He doesn’t mind any of that, because he works on his championship run. He came to LA to become a champion.