Derek Fisher Reveals What Kobe Bryant Would’ve Been Like in NBA Bubble Environment

Derek Fisher has revealed what Kobe Bryant would have been like in the NBA bubble environment. The Lakers are obviously in a good place right now. They are coming off of a big title run this season. Derek Fisher talked about a lot of stuff recently.

“It’s a reminder of how fast time flies when you think about 10 years ago was the last time the Lakers won the championship and me being fortunate enough to be a member of those teams. So it’s a reminder of how quickly life moves, but also a reminder of how special that opportunity is, and I think this team, in particular, this year in 2020, they deserve a lot of credit and respect and admiration for what they were able to accomplish.

“Staying together as a team mentally and physically and keeping themselves focused on the greater goal says a lot. Coaches, players and staff deserve a lot of credit.

“Anytime you win and you’re successful, it elevates your status. It elevates the way people see you and admire what you’ve accomplished.”

Derek Fisher Reveals What Kobe Bryant Would’ve Been Like in NBA Bubble Environment

He was also asked about Kobe Bryant.

“Some players are not as good when they’re super locked in,” he told Ryan Ward. “They kind of need those outlets and those things that allow them to kind of come out their bunker so to speak like they don’t have to be so locked in every single minute of the day. When you take those things away and you put that player into a situation where they have to be locked in the whole time they’re sometimes not as good.

“Kobe, though, to that part of it, I think he would’ve found a way to be just fine. Similar to guys that operate at that level. LeBron [James]. You saw what Anthony Davis was able to do and some great players in the league they still find a way to be great, and Kobe would’ve been the same.”

Derek was also a big part of Kobe’s career. What do you think about what he had to say?