This Patriots Addition Has Helped Solve Biggest First-Half Flaw

The New England Patriots will find a really great use for one particular addition. According to analysts, Carl Davis is the latest defensive player to see career resurgence with the Patriots.

New England signed Davis off of the Jacksonville Jaguars practice unit. His singing didn’t really register on the Boston media Richter scale. Let’s not forget that the Patriots got their defensive player in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak.

Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t really say much about Davis following the acquisition. He didn’t say much about the defensive tackle in a recent video conference all either.

“Yeah, he’s got some experience and he’s available,” Coach B said of Davis last month.

Carl Davis is the best Patriots addition

Davis suffered a concussion in his first week of practice with his new team. He had to miss two games with the team.

Try not to ignore the fact that New England is 2-0 with Davis on the field. Of course, he is not responsible for the Patriots unexpected dominance. However, the team really needed a nose tackle in the defense as Beau Allen won’t play this year. Davis is the perfect nose tackle for the Patriots. He is definitely a better option than all the Patriots players Belichick used as nose tackles.

New England has let up 180 combined rushing yards in the past two games. Players were allowing 140.4 rushing yards per game on average in the first eight games of the regular season. The team was atrocious against the run in that period. In the last two games, the Patriots were letting just 3.9 yards per carry. The team was allowing 4.6 yards per carry in the first eight weeks of the season.

Davis joined the Patriots for 12 of the 46 run defense snaps in the last two weeks. He played as a pass rusher on 19 snaps. New England allows just 1.46 yards per carry when Davis plays and 4.3 yards per carry when he stays on the sideline.

These numbers are more than telling about Davis’ great talent and skills. New England needs more of that in the next few games.