Patriots New Acquisitions Have Strong Words for Cam Newton

The New England Patriots decided to trust veteran quarterback Cam Newton once again. The team offered him a one-year deal and even brought some cool weapons for the upcoming season. Newly-signed players had nothing but words of praise for the 2015 NFL MVP.

Some NFL experts didn’t really like the idea of seeing Newton back with the team. But, Belichick likes him and that’s pretty much everything we need to know at this point.

New England signed two star tight ends in free agency. Hunter Henry got a 3-year deal worth $37.5 million. Jonnu Smith signed a four-year deal worth $50 million. These two make the best TE tandem in the league.

Patriots players like Cam Newton

This offense is a perfect match for Newton. In his first meeting with Patriots media, Henry said he was “excited” to play with the quarterback. They have already talked, too. Both tight ends worked out with Newton and provided some details about the 2021 offense.

Before the beginning of free agency, Henry said that quarterbacks will play a huge role in his decision.

“I want to play somewhere, where there is a good quarterback,” he said.

Henry decided to join the Patriots and Newton. He decided to become a Patriot even after the organization brought Smith.

Smith has talked to the quarterback, too. He really likes Newton and can’t wait to share the field with him.

Belichick packed the receiving unit with talent, too. He brought Nelson Agholar and Kendrick Bourne to boost the offense.

Agholar is one of the best receivers in the NFL. He was really successful in the last two seasons.

Here’s what he said of Newton:

“Cam Newton is a great quarterback. He’s a league MVP (2015) for a reason. I know he can do whatever needs to be done.”

Bourne likes the idea of sharing the field with Newton. He spoke with the quarterback and there were some cool vibes. Bourne is well aware of the negativity surrounding Newton, and he wants to “change the narrative.”