LeBron James Pokes Fun At Bar Owner Who Banned NBA Games

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James got himself a bunch of haters, including a Cincinnati bar owner. The whole thing started when the four-time NBA champion took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the death of Ma’Khia Bryant.

A Columbus police officer shot the African-American teenager after she tried to stab two other people. It was a deadly shot and the girl died. A lot of people trashed the police officer for shooting the young girl. LeBron is one of them, and he didn’t think twice before speaking his mind. His tweet got him into a trouble, and some NBA fans called him out.

LeBron’s comment on Bryant’s death rubbed some fans the wrong way. He shared a photo of the police officer who shot Bryant and wrote, “You’re Next.”

Of course, the four-time NBA champion deleted the tweet just because he didn’t want people to keep talking about it. He didn’t want the situation to escalate into something worse. The damage was already done and some people didn’t accept LeBron’s gesture.

LeBron James taught the bar owner a lesson

Many conservative voices hope to see LeBron out of the NBA.

Jay Linnenman is one of them. The Cincinnati bar owner banned NBA games from his place. His customers won’t be able to watch games in Linnenman’s bar. That’s a level up.

Linnenman said he believes fans should not watch games until LeBron banned from the NBA. We all know that this won’t happen. LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. He motivates players and fans. We don’t really believe that he will leave the game for good.

There’s no room for politics now. LeBron is moving on from this situation. He is focused on his injury, the recovery process and the rest of the season. The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to defend their title and win another championship. Is this even possible? Of course it is. The Lakers look really well and Anthony Davis is back on the floor. LeBron will return soon.