Bill Belichick Didn’t Get the DT He Wanted in the NFL Draft

Head coach Bill Belichick was pretty successful in the 2021 NFL Draft and he had the best picks among all teams. However, the legendary coach didn’t get the player he wanted.

One talented prospect caught Belichick’s eye in the scouting ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft.

In 2021, the Patriots selected DT Christian Barmore from Alabama. However, Belichick was referring to another player when he said, “I want that guy on our team.”

Brody Miller of The Athletic said Belichick really liked Shelvin.

“I want No. 72. You make sure No. 72 is on our team.”

The Cincinnati Bengals selected Shelvin in the fourth round. They picked him with the 122nd overall.

Belichick passed over Shelvin in the second round and selected Barmore. The brilliang head coach and general manager chose Oklahoma’s defensive end Ronnie Perkins and Sooners’ running back Rhamondre Stevenson over Shelvin.

Shelvin and Vince Wilfork are really similar. Is this what attracted Belichick to the talented prospect?

But, Belichick changed his mind in the 2020 season.’s Lance Zierlein had great words for Shelvin and his strength.

He also talked about the weaknesses in his game.

“Conditioning has been an issue. Carries excess weight and below-average body type. Gasses out over second half of the rep. Lacks range to make plays down the line. Too slow in getting off blocks to make tackles. Lacks lateral quickness to factor against stretch plays. Seal blocks hold up against him. Little rush production and unlikely to see the field on passing downs.”

Bill Belichick was successful in the NFL Draft

Belichick and his staff went for Barmore. Zierlein talked about the talented player ahead of the NFL Draft.

“Attack-oriented defensive tackle with a big body, violent hands and the talent to work his way around blocks and find the football. Barmore tends to be in the lead and take control of a majority of reps. His hands and feet sing in harmony and allow him to stay active and free from attempts to sustain blocks against him. His hands are heavy and powerful but also sudden and efficient, which creates early win opportunities for him in the run game and as a pass rusher.

“Barmore can be his own worst enemy when he freestyles his run fits and prematurely gives away positioning when posting up in read-and-react mode. He’s exceptional at finding a blocker’s edge and swiping past the outside hand to bring the ruckus inside the pocket. While he has similar size and skill set, it doesn’t feel like he’s as long at the point of attack as past Alabama defensive tackles now in the pros. Barmore’s explosive first step, violent hands and upper-body power are the ingredients of a three-down defender with the versatility to play a number of positions in an even or odd front as an impactful rookie starter.”