Superstar WR Wants to Play With Cam Newton

The New England Patriots brought many talented veterans to the team. This offseason was wild and New England is ready for the upcoming challenge. Julio Jones likes the Patriots a lot and he seems like a good fit for the team. The superstar WR likes Cam Newton, too, and we can’t wait to see them on the field together.

There are so many rumors surrounding Jones and the Patriots.

NBC Sports Boston’s Michael S. Holley said “a little birdie” revealed that Jones wants to play with the 2015 NFL MVP.

Patriots fans are really excited about this possibility. But, we believe Holley was just poking fun at Jones.

Holley’s opinion doesn’t really matter at this point. He doesn’t believe that Newton will elevate his performance in 2021. The veteran played with no training camp in 2020, and got COVID too.

This year is different. Newton will be working with a talented group of wide receivers and tight end. Imagine him working with Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry… That would be awesome.

The superstar WR likes Cam Newton

Holley tried to mock Jones’ desire to play with Newton. Well, Patriots players like him a lot and he is a top leader. Players are impressed with his leadership and they sure respect him.

Newton sure knows how to make a good impression. He has a presence. No, he is not trying to intimidate others. He is just leading his team to the top all while making friends on the field.

“I wouldn’t mind a lot of these guys quarterbacking my team. I’ll start off by saying I wouldn’t mind seeing my guy Cam Newton come back. I thought he had a tough [situation] coming in — no offseason, no anything. [He] played in a Super Bowl and won a MVP.”

Let’s see how will head coach Bill Belichick handle his quarterback situation. Jarrett Stidham and Cam Newton are part of the team and so are Brian Hoyer and Mac Jones. Who is the first to leave the team? Stidham? He seems to be the odd man out. Newton will start games and Hoyer will mentor Jones.