Adam Schefter Drops Major NFL Draft Intel Relevant To Patriots

The New England Patriots will enter the 2024 NFL Draft with a few major needs. They need quarterbacks, receivers, cornerbacks, and tackles. New Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo made a few major changes and will bring even more talent through the draft. The Patriots have been linked to several players in this year’s class. Jayden Daniels seems to be an exciting option for the Patriots and they can definitely use his skills. Will the Patriots make a move to get him?

Adam Schefter from ESPN discussed the draft class and all the moves teams are expected to make. The Washington Commanders have the No.2 overall pick and their decision will have a huge impact on the Patriots’ decision to use the No.3 pick.

“I know we’re not supposed to spoil picks, and we’ll see how the Commanders decide to move forward with the No. 2 overall selection. But a little over a few weeks out, to me, I think the signs continue to point to Jayden Daniels being the second overall pick,” Schefter said. “Seems like he’s popular in the scouting community, seems like he’d bring a lot of the attributes that the Commanders would like.”

Patriots have to make big decisions on their draft picks

Schefter explained that the Patriots will gladly use Daniels, but he may not be available at No.3. Caleb Williams is expected to be a top pick and Daniels will probably go as No.2 pick. Drake Maye will probably be No.3. Is he a good option for the Patriots?

“I think Jayden Daniel is going to be someone who really appeals to them. It’s hard for me today — today — to see Jayden Daniels sliding much past pick No. 2. So, let’s pencil him in there. I know we’re not supposed to reveal the picks in advance. We don’t know what the picks will be. We’ll see how this shakes out. I think that’s how it’s stacking up a few weeks out. Caleb Williams one, Jayden Daniels two and then the New England Patriots would be on the clock at No. 3 with the possibility of taking Drake Maye.”