Deion Branch Destroys Cassius Marsh Following His Critics About NE Patriots

The New England Patriots were the best team in the NFL for two decades. Tom Brady’s departure triggered an avalanche of reactions and events. The team brought Cam Newton and he had some struggles in his first season with the team. But, Newton really likes the Patriots and he would gladly stay around for a while. This goes against everything a former Patriot said. Deion Branch took notice of the comments Cassius Marsh made and responded to his critics for the Patriots.

Marsh didn’t think twice before trashing the Patriots. He complains all the time. The veteran player didn’t like the team and he hated the way Patriots did things on and off the field.

Marsh only played nine games with the Patriots. He formed a strong opinion about head coach Bill Belichick and his organization. The linebacker took a dig at the Patriots in pretty much every occasion. According to him, the Patriots “treat players like cr*p.”

Cassius Marsh got people angry with his critics for the Patriots

Branch was part of the Patriots for six seasons. He heard Marsh’s comments about his team and decided to teach him a lesson. Yes, he knows that the Patriots are really demanding. He also knows that the team isn’t for every player. Simple as that. We know a lot of people who’d agree on this one.

“New England isn’t for every player,” Branch said Tuesday on “Early Edition,” as transcribed by NBC Sports Boston. “New England is not the place you want to go and think you’re just gonna play first and you do your work later. No, it’s you work first and then we play. As far as playing the game in New England, I do not agree with him on that. I never had a situation where I felt myself or any of my former teammates felt like they were mistreated.”

The Patriots are entering training camp with a lot of great plans on the table. Choosing the right signal-caller is of utmost importance. Newton will probably start games but he will first face a huge challenge. Mac Jones joined the Patriots through the 2021 NFL Draft and he may be the quarterback of the future.