Dennis Schroder Future With Lakers Gets Foggy Update

NBA fans have a lot of questions about Dennis Schroder and his future with the Los Angeles Lakers. The team offered him a contract extension, but he turned it down. That’s not all. The German native believes he is worth $100 million. LA isn’t willing to give him that much money.

The franchise has been tied to pretty much every veteran point guard on the market. LeBron James and Anthony Davis missed a lot of games due to their respective injuries. Schroder had to step up and the same goes to other Lakers players. Things didn’t go well, and the Lakers ended up playing the play-in tournament.  They met the Golden State Warriors, beat Stephen Curry, and made the first round.

What happened next? The Phoenix Suns defeated LA in six games and the postseason was over for LeBron’s team.

Dennis Schroder doesn’t see a future with the Lakers

It’s more than obvious that the Lakers need to boost the playmaking part of the game. The backcourt needs a huge upgrade. So, who is the first to go? Who is the best fit for the Lakers roster?

Schroder turned down the offer and his time may be up.

NBA insider Marc J. Spears believes that this is the case.

“Seemingly daily discussion about the Lakers’ interest in various veteran guards not named Dennis Schröder increasingly suggest that the Schröder’s future is elsewhere.”

Chris Paul is probably the most popular target for the Lakers. He eliminated the team in the first round of the playoffs, but he knows LeBron well and he is an excellent player. This makes him a good fit for the Lakers. He has a chance to leave the Suns and Magic Johnson believes that this is the best decision for the veteran. CP3 made the NBA Finals for the first time in his career, but he didn’t get his ring. Joining the Lakers could be of great help.

Kyle Lowly may end up somewhere else. LA wanted to get him during the 2020 NBA trade deadline. Even Russell Westbrook makes sense at the moment. Let’s see what happens next. Maybe one of these players will join LeBron and AD in their quest for a title.