Lamar Odom Responds to Tristan Thompson’s Death Threat After Khloe Kardashian Drama

It’s showtime! Well, things got really bad for at least one person. Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom was hit with a huge death threat. Yes, Boston Celtics big man Tristan Thompson threatened him for showing “admiration” for Khloe Kardashian.

In his interview with TMZ, Odom spoke about Thompson’s comments. What does he say about this?

“He don’t really know me,” Odom said. “So he don’t really know me. Like that could have turned really ugly.”

“He’s a Black man. He’s in the NBA, so we are fraternity brothers at the end of the day. I’ll just leave it there. He made a mistake by saying that.

“I’m not gonna say he’s stupid. He don’t know me”

Lamar Odom surprised fans following the death threat

The 41-year-old was married to Kardashian and their marriage was up and down. Their relationship fell apart and Khloe was making headlines with her “romance” with Thompson. The couple has a child together, but they are making too much drama these days.

Let’s not forget that the 2016 champion cheated on Kardashian. Thompson was linked to Jordyn Woods, and there was a major breakup coming their way as well.

Thompson seems to  be madly in love with Kardashian. He is determined to defend her at all costs. Things look really bad for both NBA players and Khloe has yet to make a statement on this one. She has had enough with all the drama and maybe she will stay quiet this time. Who needs more drama in their life?

The Kardashian drama keeps attracting everyone’s attention. But, Odom and Thompson have to pay more attention to another off-court battle. The NBA is a wild game and players had to try really hard to finish their season with success. Affairs are none of our business, and we would love to see something else. Both players looked good on the floor. Will this be enough to motivate them to try more and give us a different story? Another business idea maybe?

The NBA is filled with drama, huh? What is the best piece on the menu?