LeBron James Drops Michael Jordan Truth Bomb Ahead Of Space Jam Release

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has something to say about Michael Jordan and dropped a huge truth bomb regarding the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy.

The four-time NBA champion had to handle tough situations on the floor throughout his entire NBA career. Of course, things took a different turn and LeBron is getting ready for the release of his latest movie.

MJ’s movie was released two decades ago. LeBron admitted that he is well aware of the Jordan’ dominance and the respect he enjoys these years. He had to do his best to have similar results.

“I hope I continue to make Michael proud,” LeBron told reporters on Friday during the film’s premier in Los Angeles (h/t Inquirer.net). “He’s someone I looked up to as a kid and hopefully this is another step in that direction.”

LeBron James respect Michael Jordan and his truth bomb makes sense

We know that LeBron considers MJ to be one of the biggest heroes. His accomplishments have always been the perfect measure for success. LeBron was chasing the ghost from Chicago and this motivated him to be better in anything. The whole thing started when LeBron was a teenager.

The superstar has a chance to have a masterpiece on the screen.

A lot of factors are coming into play. LeBron said that his nerves had been more active than usual. The sequel is about to be released and LeBron can’t hide his excitement.

“I was extremely nervous to even redo this film,” he said. “But I put my heart into it, I put my looniness into it obviously with the Tunes and committed to it. I’m excited for what people are actually going to see.”

Space Jam: A New Legacy will release on July 15th. LeBron tries to meet everyone’s expectations. Will it work? The Lakers superstar earned an army of doubters in the past two decades. His fans respect his accomplishment but LeBron failed to turn doubters. This group includes people like Skip Bayless.

The Lakers superstar is looking forward to earn more points among supporters and doubters. LeBron earned all the respect in this world, right?