Dennis Schroder Shares Conversation He Had With LeBron James Regarding ‘Unfinished Business’ With Lakers

Dennis Schroder will play with LeBron James again. The Los Angeles Lakers decided to bring the German native back for another season. He won’t get a big deal, but he is definitely excited about the new opportunity.

Schroder turned down the $80 million offer Rob Pelinka made because he wanted to try his chances on the open market. The Lakers didn’t make the NBA Finals and Schroder’s value dropped. He signed a deal with the Boston Celtics and then joined the Houston Rockets. It was a long and bad year for the veteran guard and he went back home in Germany, trying to help the national team win a title. It didn’t happen and Schroder is willing to do something about his NBA career. It seems like he is ready to finish the job like a pro.

Dennis Schroder and LeBron James will finish the job this season

Schroder and LeBron discussed his situation with the team. The veteran has “unfinished” business and he talked about it days before the deal was sealed.

“People told me that about it five days ago,” Schroder said about rumors that LeBron would attend a recent EuroBasket game. “But I texted him right away, and he said he was not coming.”

The Lakers saw great potential in Schroder and the German native has serious goals. Winning a ring? Why not? LeBron has similar plans.

“Can’t wait,” he said. “I’ve been talking to him. I can’t wait to go back. Want to go for something this time.

“LeBron said he was glad he got me back,” Schroder added. “It’s unfinished business. That year when I was there, there were no fans. There was COVID, everybody was hurt. This year hopefully, everything stays good, everybody stays healthy, and then we’ll try to go for something.”

LeBron respects great players and Schroder is definitely on his list of special talents. They played together and hopefully, the powerful duo will do wonders again. The 2022-23 NBA season is important for both LeBron and his teammate. NBA experts made a few predictions about Schroder’s second stint with the Lakers.