Kobe Bryant Shared a Secret With LeBron James That Really Affected King’s Life

The world will remember Kobe Bryant for the “mamba mentality”, but one player will remember the secret advice he got from the NBA legend – his name is LeBron James.

Kobe had an interesting aspect to basketball and personal life. He spend a lot of time mentoring Kevin Durant, D’Angelo Russell, Dwyane Wade, and other stars. He worked with players on and off the court. Early in LeBron’s NBA career, Kobe delivered a nice advice that helped LeBron become the superstar he is today.

Former and current basketball players would describe Kobe as one of the most competitive players in NBA history. The Black Mamba had a huge impact on modern basketball. He was a real superstar. Young players were impressed and everyone liked the way Kobe paid attention to details. The NBA icon inspired and guided LeBron and many other players in the same generation.

Kobe Bryant has the best secret advice for LeBron and other superstars

Kobe entered the NBA straight out of high school in 1996. He learned a lot from Michael Jordan’s work ethic and developed his Black Mamba mentality. Kobe was working with a great number of players, including Devin Booker and Trae Young. Booker was a rookie when Kobe was preparing to leave the Lakers.

Similar to Kobe, LeBron is building strong legacy. They didn’t get the chance to play against each other in the NBA Finals.

In his appearance on Matt Sullivan’s Can’t Knock the Hustle, LeBron revealed the secret advice he got from Kobe. It wasn’t related to the game and all the competition out there. It was more like a life lesson.

“Don’t rely on basketball for your happiness because it’s not gonna happen. Make sure you balance your life out, you have something there for yourself in life, so when the game is over, you know exactly what you want to do.”

The Lakers legend was probably referring to post-NBA life.

LeBron was 17 and he was attending a basketball camp in the summer of 2001. Kobe was one of the speakers at the camp.

The kid from Akron got the best of this advice. He won four titles but also earned more than $1 billion in salary and endorsements. LeBron starred in the Space Jam sequel and he has yet to come.