Patriots’ Jalen Mills Shares Why He’ll Show Bill Belichick ‘Everything He Has’

Jalen Mills will play under the best coach in the NFL and he will always remember his first encounter with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Coach B came up to Mills in the team cafeteria right after the defensive back inked his deal with the Patriots. As you may be guessing, it was a great encounter for the talented player. An unforgettable experience.

Mills will get the best of his time with the Patriots. Belichick is a defensive force and we all know that he is the best head coach in the league.

“He’s just talking to me, telling me, ‘Happy to have you. Glad for you to be here,’” Mills said of the March encounter, via The Boston Globe’s Nicole Yang. “I literally turned my back to him and screamed out loud, ‘This is Coach Belichick. This is ? excuse my language ? but I’m like, ‘This is (expletive) Coach Belichick.’”

Patriots players entered training camp. In May, Mills had some one-on-one coaching from coach B during the offseason program. He was really impressed!

“I was like, ‘This dude, like, Coach Bill is coaching me,’” Mills said. “It’s crazy to me. But I think that’s a great feeling, though. That’s me wanting to give him everything that I have. At the end of the day, he didn’t have to do that. That’s his job, but he’s a head coach. That?s what he has assistants for. I definitely appreciate it.”

Jalen Mills to get the best of his time with Bill Belichick

Mills will follow the rules and do his best to make everyone happy. He came to New England to win, right?

“Even when we were in a walk-through two or three days ago, I was talking to one of the young guys, and I was like, ‘That’s Bill Belichick right there. That’s the greatest coach ever, man,’” Mills said. “Anything that he says, just listen to him. Because when he’s talking, when he’s coaching, it’s free game. He’s giving knowledge.

“It may just be him doing his job, but the things that he says, you have to really pay attention to it, because he’s really giving you the game.”

Playing with Belichick had a big role in Mills’ decision to ink with the Patriots. He likes the way Belichick runs the defense.

Mills can play corner, slot corner, free safety, strong safety, and linebacker. Belichick likes versatile players.