Frank Vogel Possible Move With Anthony Davis Will Anger Lakers Fans

The Los Angeles Lakers will enter the new season with a lot of new names on the roster. Russell Westbrook is one of them. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel had a big challenge for each and every player on his roster, and Anthony Davis would have to switch positions. Sort of. Vogel asked players to put their egos aside and do the best for the team. Let’s not forget that the Lakers are coming off of a bad season and everyone has to elevate their game and adjust their style to the gameplan.

AD will have a different role this time and he will see more playing time at center. He is fine with his new role.

“There was expectations and that was discussed, and I expect to play center,” the big man told the media. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Me and Frank talked about it a couple of times and that’s the plan right now. Nothing is set in stone. But we want to see what that looks like. And I’m comfortable with that.”

Davis wasn’t really happy with his preseason performance. The team has to improve on both ends of the ball and yes, they really need LeBron James and Russell Westbrook on the floor. These two will probably see some action later in the preseason.

Frank Vogel has some concerns about Anthony Davis and his new position

Coach Vogel discussed the changes and used the opportunity to question some of these moves. I guess the head coach did what he thought was best for the team.

“Defensive size for one,” Vogel said. “In particular with Trevor [Ariza] not being in this early part of training camp and Melo being more of a hybrid four, we’re pretty small on the glass. We’re pretty small on the rim protection, so those are a couple negatives.

“And I think offensive rebounding support. Obviously, Anthony is getting a lot of the field-goal attempts, we’ve got to get perimeter passing. We’re going to play second-shot offense. We don’t want to just get five guys back every time and get one-shot offense every time down. I think those are the two biggest negatives.”

Westbrook is the perfect addition for the Lakers. LA had a good reason to get him. LeBron and Davis will lead the squad this season.