Hunter Henry Gave Mac Jones This Reminder Before Jets-Patriots Game

Hunter Henry gave Mac Jones a certain reminder before the Jets and Patriots game. The Patriots whooped up on the Jets, winning the game 54-13 yesterday afternoon. It was an ugly one for the Jets but the Patriots did look improved, albeit against a poor team. Bill Belichick talked about the win after the game.

“Proud of the way the team’s bounced back here and hopefully we can string another good set of days together and head out to [Los Angeles],” Belichick said, about the Patriot’s next opponent.

“I thought our guys did a real good job today, players were ready to go,” Belichick noted. “We had a good week and came out, got off to a good start, and played from ahead.”

Hunter Henry Gave Mac Jones This Reminder Before Jets-Patriots Game

Yesterday was fittingly National Tightend Day and it was very cool to see Hunter Henry find the end zone. He also gave Mac Jones a reminder before the game.

“Yeah, Hunter told me it was national tight end day before the game actually, not that it had anything to do with it, but it was just funny,” Jones told reporters after the Patriots’ 54-13 win, per a team-provided transcript. “Yeah, I think tight ends, all of our tight ends play well, and they play well in the run game and the pass game and they do exactly what they’re supposed to do. I think it’s good when you have great skill players and great running backs, great receivers, and then our O-line is coming together, and we’re going to keep making progress. I felt comfortable back there, and they did a great job, so it takes all groups and not one specific group. It is good to see everyone getting a little bit of their share, and we’ve just got to keep doing that.”

This is pretty cool and it was awesome to see him score. Hopefully, he can continue this into future games.

Bill Belichick was also very proud of his team’s performance. It was cool to see the Patriots pick up a win after a hard few weeks.