NFL Analyst Unloads Wild Mac Jones Assessment

The New England Patriots are winning games and their starting quarterback is doing an excellent job on the field. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones has been impressive and pretty much every NFL analyst has a good assessment to his performance.

Head coach Bill Belichick has nothing but words of praise for his rookie. He decided to trust him and even gave him the key to the offense. Jones won the quarterback competition this summer, beating former NFL MVP Cam Newton. This motivated him even further, and now we have Jones looking like the perfect starter.

The NFL made a big Mac Jones assessment

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark knows a few things about the game, and he made a few great comments about the Patriots rookie.

“The book won’t be written for years on any of these new QBs—please don’t take any of this as a proclamation that Jones will forever outshine Lawrence and Fields—but more than halfway through one season, Jones is at the top of the class by a wide margin,” Clark said on an episode of Get Up. “He has already shown he can be a playable starter, which is no small feat and well worth the pick the Pats spent on him. Overall, he’s 17th in ESPN’s Quarterback Rating, 17th in yards per pass, and 19th in touchdown-to-interception ratio. If you shrink your evaluation field to more recent periods, his placements would be better. But on the whole, he’s been an average-ish starter as a rookie, good enough for New England to ride to a surprising 6–4 record. And his numbers might undersell him.

“The game-charters at Pro Football Focus have graded him as the fifth-best QB in the NFL this season, right between Justin Herbert and Kyler Murray. Nobody else in the rookie class is higher than 28th. Lance hasn’t taken over the San Francisco 49ers yet. Lawrence and Wilson are in meat-grinding situations with the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets. And Justin Fields has had a really bad time with the Chicago Bears, though he has recently flashed some encouraging signs.”

The Patriots have a 7-4 record at this point of the regular season. They look really well at the moment and players will definitely try to get the best of their next game.