LeBron James Gifts His Mother With an Unbelievable Gift For Her 54th Birthday

Gloria James celebrated her 54th birthday and her popular son made it even more special. LeBron James surprised his mother with a really amazing gift for her birthday. Well, he can definitely afford this.

According to several sources, including Gloria’s post, LeBron gifted her a Mercedes SUV for her special day.

King James took to his his Instagram post to thank Gloria for everything she had done for him. He even added a comment to a picture Gloria posted on IG. The four-time NBA champion wrote that he is who he is because of her “sacrifices.” Of course, we all know that Gloria means the world to him. That’s how you celebrate your early birthday, right? This was a really great birthday idea. It’s like a tradition among athletes and celebrities.

LeBron surprised his mother with a great gift for her birthday… She deserves it!

Gloria is really proud of her son. She sure loves the new ride. LeBron always thinks of her and he really wants to make life better for her.

Gloria struggled a lot to give LeBron the life he deserves. His childhood wasn’t really awesome and Gloria even had to let him live with his coach. It was that bad. Her mother died when LeBron was a small kid and Gloria had hard time coping with all the difficulties life threw at her. She was a single mom who raised a king. Buying this car is the least LeBron could do for his mom. He supports her in every possible way.

King James gets a lot of money for his performance on the floor. He is in his 19th NBA season and has earned over $387 million. He has one more year of his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and is set to get over $44 million. Everything points to the fact that LeBron will be worth more than any other NBA player. Let’s not forget that LeBron has a lot of endorsement deals which adds even more millions to his net worth. Need more? He doesn’t even think of retiring at this point.