LeBron James Reveals Exactly Why Lakers Have Been Playing Better Lately

The Los Angeles Lakers entered the 2020-21 NBA season as top contenders for the title, but they suffered too many injuries and lost too many games. The franchise was plagued with injuries and a lot of players tested positive for COVID-19. Some analysts said Jeanie Buss should fire Frank Vogel and get another head coach for the team. If you ask LeBron James, he will say his Lakers team plays much better now. Wonder why?

“We’re just getting out guys back,” LeBron said, as per Mike Trudell.

LeBron James knows that the Lakers will get even better

The Lakers brought a bunch of great veterans in the offseason, hoping to improve their chance to make the playoffs this season. They traded Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the Washington Wizards just to get Russell Westbrook. Broddie was the right player to join the Lakers. The front office got him to become the third player behind LeBron and Anthony Davis. Truth is, Westbrook struggled to fit in the roster. He struggled to make an impact despite his competitiveness.

NBA veterans joined the NBA just because they wanted to become champions with the Lakers. Well, some of these guys sustained injuries. COVID-19 also plagued the franchise. Anthony Davis will miss an entire month or so.  LA had to overcome too many obstacles, but things have taken a different direction.

Fans were really worried about the team. Some of them wanted to see Vogel out of the team. Well, Buss wants to see everyone on the floor before she makes the decision. The Lakers owner knows that the team isn’t 100% healthy. If the struggles continue once everyone returns, Vogel will have to go. It’s interesting to note that the Lakers lost many games in Vogel’s absence. David Fizdale is a good coach but he didn’t lead the team to a win. Vogel returned to his position and LA started winning games. That’s more than good news for everyone!

LA is entering an important stretch of the regular season. Davis will return to the floor. What’s next?