Patriots Discuss Major Role Change For Disappointing Free-Agent Signing

The New England Patriots consider making a lot of changes this offseason and they will sure make a major role change for one particular player.

Jonnu Smith.

In 2021, the Patriots offered him a four-year deal worth $50 million. He sustained an injury and didn’t even play his best football. Smith finished the season with 37 total touches. Finding the end zone wasn’t his best asset as he only found it once.

Tom Curran of NBC Sports discussed Smith’s future role and made a few good points.

“I do think the offense will certainly be tweaked significantly,” Curran told WEEI’s Gresh and Keefe. “If they’re taking the fullback out — Jakob Johnson saying they’re not going to use a fullback anymore and it’s going to be Jonnu Smith — you’re not going to pay $9 million in salary to Jonnu Smith to run into nose tackles and middle linebackers all year. He has to have a huge role — an [Aaron] Hernandez-style, I would imagine role in the offense — and I’m curious to see whoever the offensive coordinator is, what he has decided for the formula the Patriots are going to employ. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more downfield, press the ball downfield a little bit.”

Patriots are ready for a major role change

The Patriots had great plans for Smith and none of it worked. Of course, he has great athleticism and NFL teams could easily find use for a versatile veteran like him.

Patriots team owner Robert Kraft is not happy with the fact that his team missed the playoffs again. Bill Belichick built a strong roster last offseason, but the Patriots didn’t make the playoffs. The team doesn’t have the best cap space at the moment, but Kraft has high expectations from his team.

Belichick will make even more changes in the future. This offseason is really important because the Patriots have to fix the damage and fill the holes on their roster. Let’s see what happens this spring. Belichick will be super busy building the best roster. Mac Jones is here and he needs new weapons.