$64 Million All-Star Goes Off About Lakers Superstar LeBron James

All-Star Dejounte Murray joined the army of basketball players who spoke their mind about Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. The Atlanta Hawks guard met with the media and received a lot of questions about his rule with the Hawks. Of course, reporters mentioned LeBron. The king of basketball was his mentor and he has nothing but respect for him. Need more? Rich Paul represents both players. They are connected at so many levels. LeBron is here to mentor Murray and offer his professional advice.

“That’s a great dude,” Murray said of LeBron. “A great man. A great father. Great leader. Great basketball player. Somebody that took me under his wing around 17 years old. So I’m always preaching I’m thankful and grateful cuz I mean that and I’m just thankful to have somebody like that in my corner guiding me off the floor and also on the floor. So that’s a great dude and I appreciate him.”

The Hawks All-Star joined LeBron James for a workout

Murray and LeBron caught everyone’s attention last month. They joined forces with Jayson Tatum, Aaron Gordon, Isaiah Thomas, Paolo Banchero, and Chet Holmgren at the Crawsover Pro-AM. It was a great game, but condensation brought it to an end. Organizer Jamal Crawford didn’t want players to get injured and miss playing time.

This didn’t stop LeBron and Murray from working out together after the game. Murray was really excited and took his time to praise the superstar.

“The Game Got Canceled And We Went Straight To The Grind And You Showed Me Why You Are Where You Are At @kingjames,” Murray wrote on Instagram. “Appreciate You Big Bro But More So My City Appreciate You Coming To Touch A Bunch Of People From Kids To Adults!!! The City Of Seattle Will Forever Have Love And Respect For You!!!”

LeBron is the greatest basketball player of all time and Murray knows it. The Lakers superstar has accomplished a lot in his career. He is a real idol to many players, and yes, he has cemented his spot at the top.