Lakers Have ‘Ongoing’ Trade Negotiations

The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to find the perfect trade partner for quite some time. NBA teams haven’t shown much interest in Russell Westbrook, but the Lakers are in the middle of trade negotiations with the Utah Jazz.

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka traded for Patrick Beverley a few weeks ago. It was a surprising move, because Beverley and Russ don’t like each other. Beverley doesn’t mind joining Westbrook, but the one-time MVP hasn’t said much about his new teammate. Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has a plan for both players, but recent updates suggest that he may not need to so after all.

Lakers continue trade negotiations

Tony Jones from The Athletic reported that the Lakers have an ongoing trade talk with the Jazz. Both sides plan to reach a deal that works good for everyone.

“And the front office isn’t done taking trade calls. League sources indicate a market for Bogdanovic at the very least, of which there is significant interest for the 6-foot-8 shooting forward,” Jones wrote. “But, the Jazz at this point doesn’t appear to be particularly close to a trade that could land them even more assets and consolidate the roster, although there are ongoing talks with the Los Angeles Lakers.”

Utah is rebuilding the roster and may have a few players to send to LA. Earlier reports suggested that the franchise couldn’t reach an agreement with the Lakers. It seems like things have changed in the last few days.

“They’ve been talking to the Lakers,” Jones said on September 10 on The Drive with Spencer Checketts. “The Jazz made an offer to the Lakers. The Lakers made a counteroffer to the Jazz. Those two offers were far apart, and I don’t know that there’s going to be enough of a gap to be bridged in order for a trade to happen there.

“I can tell you that the Jazz were seeking one of Los Angeles’ first-round picks, but the asking price for that first-round pick is probably too much for what the Jazz are willing to pay.”