Photos: Meet Gorgeous Linda Holliday, Bill Belichick Longtime Girlfriend

Bill Belichick spends most of the year on the football field, but he has plenty of time to hang out with his longtime girlfriend. Linda Holliday has been by his side for years. So, who is she?

Holliday is a former two-time runner-up of the Miss Arkansas pageant. She is also a charming American personality who’s been present on each and every trip to the Super Bowl.

Gorgeous Holliday is a successful businesswoman and director of the Bill Belichick Foundation and BII warrior. Holliday, 59, has a BSc-degree in radiography from Vanderbilt University.

A lot of football fans know her as the best head coach in league history. Holliday has been really supportive over the years. She has supported Belichick and cheering him on his big games. Belichick must be grateful for all the support he receives from his lady.

Bill Belichick enjoys full support from his girlfriend

As mentioned before, Holliday is more to Belichick than just a GF.

Holliday was married twice in her life. We don’t have much information about the names of her former spouses. Holliday doesn’t say much about her private life, but she is more than happy to talk about her gorgeous twin daughters. They graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut in 2015. They were active writers back in the days, writing about beauty, health, and well-being.

Holliday may have two marriages behind her, but she never lost faith in love. They met in Florida and started talking right after their first meeting. They celebrate Valentine’s Day and every other great day in their lives.

Belichick is not active on social media, but Holliday shares updates about their relationship all the time.

When it comes to running the foundation, Holliday makes sure she helps those in need. The foundation supports unprivileged teams, players, and coaches, helping them become great leaders. Holliday even organized a charity for Belichick’s 60th birthday.