Patriots Receiver ‘Has Completely Lost His Confidence’

Nelson Agholor may turn into a bright spot on the 2022 New England Patriots roster, but another receiver seems to have lost his confidence. Kendrick Bourne seems to be struggling on the field and analysts have a few questions about his performance in the upcoming season.

Bourne, 25, may end up on the trade block sooner than expected. He is a key player on the Patriots roster, but NFL teams are already looking for ways to sign him.

Greg Bedard from The Boston Sports Journal watched Bourne perform in the preseason and he wasn’t really happy about it.

“Kendrick Bourne has completely lost his confidence and you wonder if these coaches know how to give it back to him,” he wrote.

The Patriots receiver has to work on his confidence

NFL analysts showed big concern about the Patriots receiver in the offseason. He wasn’t playing his best football and fans are frustrated. Bourne is frustrated, too.

The Patriots have issues with their offense. Offensive struggles made people talk and fans fear that the Patriots may have a rough start of the regular season. They did a good job in practice, but their preseason wasn’t that amazing.

Josh McDaniels’ absence affected the offense in New England. He worked with Mac Jones and offensive players and now he is gone. The Patriots even lost the preseason finale to McDaniels’ Raiders. The former Patriots coordinator had his way of doing things. Some players didn’t fit in his system. Bourne did a brilliant job in 2021. It was one of his best seasons just because he knew how to do things following McDaniels’ guidelines.

Something happened this offseason. Bourne fought on the field and Bill Belichick wasn’t too happy about it. Will Patriots assistants find a way to help Bourne restore his motivation? This should be a priority for the Patriots wide receiver, otherwise he will have to go somewhere else.

Bourne is an excellent player and losing him would be a big blow for the team. Hopefully, Bourne will overcome some obstacles. Belichick needs experienced players who know the system.