8-Time All-Star Planned To Sign Multi-Year Contract With Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers relied on veterans last season. Rob Pelinka’s formula didn’t really work and the Lakers were eliminated from the playoff race. NBA experts criticized Pelinka for signing all those veterans. NBA veterans agreed to the veteran minimum just because they wanted to win a ring. It didn’t happen. Pelinka switched his focus and decided to trust younger players. Was this his best option? Dwight Howard is not the only veteran All-Star who wanted to sign with the Lakers.

Howard will join the Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan. He had other plans though. The former Laker wanted to sign a deal with the Lakers. Getting a multi-year deal would’ve been ideal, but Pelinka had other plans. Howard discussed this during his appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast.

“I would’ve went willing to go back to the Lakers,” the veteran said. “I’ve been willing to go back. They told me every time we not gonna give nobody over 30 a multiple-year contract. So I’m like, ‘Dang, I just helped y’all win the NBA championship. Y’all could get your boy a mil or two or give me a mil. I don’t want a whole bunch of minutes. Give me 20 minutes and let me ball out.’”

The Lakers didn’t sign the All-Star for a reason

Howard wanted a big deal and he may be a little frustrated at this point. Truth is, NBA teams are not really into giving him big deals. He will have to retire at some point and multi-year contracts aren’t something he should look forward to. The Lakers haven’t offered too many extension sin the last few seasons. They are probably playing safe with their veterans.

The Lakers were happy to have Howard around. He is out of his prime and Pelinka took this into consideration. The Lakers did offer him a deal last season, but it was a bad move. Howard played much better inside the NBA bubble. He helped the Lakers win a championship after all. One thing stands for sure. Howard won’t be a Laker again.