Lakers Superstar LeBron James Sends Concerning Message On Injury

The Los Angeles Lakers added a few more losses to their chart. LeBron James may be missing time due to his foot injury and things don’t really go the way everyone planned. The four-time NBA champion hasn’t missed many games, but he needs extra time to rest. He didn’t play in the game against the Utah Jazz.

LeBron was relatively healthy throughout his entire career. However, he missed big chunk of the last two seasons due to injuries. The Lakers can’t afford losing him again and fans are concerned.

The four-time NBA champion joined his teammates in the game against their city rivals, but returned home with a loss. He definitely needs more time to rest.

“Rest is the only way to help it…which I don’t have,” LeBron told the media prior to the game against the Los Angeles Clippers. “I’ll be in the lineup tonight.”

Skip Bayless will sure use this injury as an excuse for his next rant. He is not a fan and never will be. Bayless never gave LeBron credit for everything he accomplished over the years. The same happened earlier this season. Well, LeBron is averaging 24.3 points, 7.1 assists, and 8.9 rebounds per game. His game is sharp and he is doing a good job. His stats are great, but critics haven’t stopped trashing his performance. Fun fact? LeBron doesn’t mind any of that.

“C’mon man. I’m turning 38 in almost two months, basically two months,” the Lakers superstar said. “And when you know who you are, to be honest, truly caring about what people say, that doesn’t matter.”

Darvin Ham to rest LeBron James amid latest injury scare

LeBron said it right. The world knows him and we know he is the GOAT. Head coach Darvin Ham may consider resting him more at this stage of the season. Maybe LeBron will miss a few more games before returning to game action.

“I don’t need Bron or AD playing playoff minutes in October, November, December,” Ham said in September. “Once we establish our rotation, looking for different ways to minimize the load on their bodies, whenever possible. And again, being mindful of practice times, practice duration, game schedule, being strategic in that area as well. So we just feel good about where they are today. And to continue keep putting healthy days together as much as possible is at the top of the list, top priority, but we’ll manage them well to make sure that they’re getting stronger as the season gets longer and they’re hitting on all cylinders at the right time of the year.”