LeBron James’ 15-Year-Old Bryce Signs With Klutch Sports

LeBron James set up a good example for his kids and they both follow his path. The four-time NBA champion is the best basketball player to ever join the league. Will his sons have great future in the NBA? Bryce Maximus signed with Klutch Sports. Keep in mind that Bronny has already inked a deal with the agency that represents his popular dad.

Rich Paul’s agency confirmed the deal on Twitter, using the NIL hashtag. LeBron’s boy can now earn his own money, using his name and fame. Skills, too. New NCAA rules allow high school basketball players to sign endorsement deals. LeBron signed a lot of awesome endorsement deals and his kids could pick from the never-ending list of brands who work with their dad. Beats by Dre offered Bronny a deal and we have a good feeling that Bryce will get his deal, too.

Bryce will have great future after joining Klutch Sports

Joining Klutch Sports is a big deal for Bryce. He joins a family of big names, such as Draymond Green, Zach LaVine, Anthony Davis and many more. These guys made names for themselves and Bryce will sure learn from the best.

Sources claim that LeBron is one of the owners of Klutch Sports. The NBA doesn’t allow players to have anything to do with agency businesses. In 2017, ESPN reported that the league didn’t find anything about LeBron’s potential role in Klutch Sports.

Bronny and Bryce got the good genes from their famous father. They have developed incredible skills and Bronny is already hearing offers from several suitors. He could join Duke, Kansas, Kentucky or North Carolina.

LeBron won’t get a chance to play with Bryce, but he can definitely play with Bronny. He wants to play his last season with whichever team signs Bronny. He won’t be chasing lucrative deals. Playing with Bronny would be enough for him.

Bryce has the best jumper in the family and LeBron has already praised his potential. Will Bryce and Bronny ever play on the same team? That would be a nice plot twist in LeBron’s story.