Rob Gronkowski Reacts To New Patriots OC

The New England Patriots lost Josh McDaniels and spent an entire season with huge issues in the coaching staff. Well, head coach Bill Belichick planned a big change and now he has a new offensive coordinator. Bill O’Brien will take this position, and hopefully, it will make a change. Former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has something to say about the new Patriots OC and the energy he brings to the football field.

“I love Bill O’Brien. I love playing for him. Love the energy that he brings to the table,” Gronk said on the “Up & Adams Show.”

“He has that niche to get you to go out and play your best football, to get you fired up, to get you to want to go out on the field and get better every single day and make big plays. It was just a great time when he was here for the two seasons — he was here my rookie year (O’Brien was quarterbacks coach) and my second year — and he was just an awesome football coach on the field and off the field as well. His football knowledge is through the roof and I believe he’s definitely going to restore the Patriot Faithful on the offensive side of the ball.”

Gronkowski likes the Patriots OC for a reason

According to Gronk, getting O’Brien was an expected move for the Patriots. They had to hire him! O’Brien is the only person to reshape the Patriots offense and give players the motivation they need to win more games.

“That’s who the Patriots had to get. They had to get Bill O’Brien,” Gronkowski stated. “That’s who they needed to get to restore to back in the old days where they were at on the offensive side of the ball. And they got their guy. I’m telling you, I hope they paid head coach money for him because you definitely had to. I mean, he was definitely high in demand, especially being Alabama’s offensive coordinator. But to take him from Nick Saban, you got to be paying him the big bucks as well.”

O’Brien knows the game really well and he will do his best to lead the Patriots to a win.

“He’s going to put his players in the best position to make plays,” Gronkowski said. “And he’s going to come up with some creative ideas and I think they’re going to definitely improve as an offense, tremendously, under coach Bill O’Brien.”