$232 Million Superstar & NBA Champion Expected To Join Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers traded Russell Westbrook for D’Angelo Russell and a few other players. According to Joe Vardon from The Athletic, Russell won’t be the only player to join the Lakers. Vardon insists that a top NBA superstar will join the Lakers next summer.

Will the Lakers finally make a move to join the Lakers? He’s been mentioned as a potential target for quite some time. Getting Irving seems like a good idea and many NBA analysts say he is a natural fit for the purple and gold.

The superstar may join the Lakers and LeBron James

“I believe Irving will be a Laker next season,” Vardon wrote. “How’s that for a juxtaposition? Irving wants a four- or five-year contract, for the maximum money allowed. If he and the Mavericks reach agreement, it could be a five-year, $273 million deal. But Irving said he didn’t want to engage in negotiations now. ‘The business aspect of this is ruthless,’ he said. The Lakers can’t quite get to the four-year, $210 million max deal he would be eligible for outside of Dallas, but they can pay him north of $30 million per year. The teams with the cap space to pay Irving what he wants, outside of Dallas, are the Pistons, Magic, Pacers, Blazers and Spurs. They are all either rebuilding or, in Portland’s case, have a smaller, ball-dominant guard in Damian Lillard. In other words, getting that max deal outside of the Mavericks may not be possible.

“Enter the Lakers. James has made clear he wants to reunite with Irving. As partners in Cleveland, they won the 2016 NBA Finals, reached two others and were an otherwise dominant, unstoppable duo on offense. They have obviously patched up their differences that led to Irving demanding a trade away from LeBron in Cleveland in the summer of 2017. Irving’s apology helped.”

LeBron and Irving got into a thing in Cleveland. He wanted to be a leader on his own team. Irving has been making headlines for a really long time. He had issues with the Brooklyn Nets, but he may get a max deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

Impossible is nothing at this point and we can only make guesses.