Barack Obama Message To LeBron Goes Viral

LeBron James is officially a leader on the NBA all-time scoring list. The four-time NBA champion passed basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Tuesday and attracted the attention of the NBA community. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar broke the record with his 38,888th point in the game. Former US President Barack Obama took notice of this major accomplishment and congratulated LeBron.

Obama tweeted his great message for LeBron 24 hours after the accomplishment.

“[LeBron] has been changing the game for 20 years, and has become a leader on and off the court,” Obama tweeted. “Congrats on making history.”

We are not even surprised. LeBron and Obama know each other well. They are successful in their respective field and yes, they both recognize greatness. Obama is really proud of the king of basketball and everything he does on and off the court.

Obama’s message attracted the attention of fans all over the world. They all recognized LeBron as the ultimate leader who has been playing his best basketball for years.

LeBron and Barack Obama met long ago

The king of basketball visited Obama in the White House in 2013 and 2014. LeBron and the Miami Heat won back-to-back titles in 2012 and 2013 and players visited the White House.

LeBron won his first title with the Heat. Greeting the US President was a big deal for him. LeBron was proud of himself and yes, his mom was proud, too.

“We’re in the White House right now,” LeBron said during his visit to the capital. “This is like, ‘Hey Mama, I made it.” He sure made it. LeBron became the best basketball player of all time and he is definitely winning the GOAT debate.

Retiring is not an option right now, because LeBron has a few great years ahead. Will he hit 40,000 career points? Well, impossible is nothing, right?

LeBron and the Lakers are trying to win a title right now. Getting another ring seems to be a priority for the king of basketball. What’s next on the table for the GOAT? Who knows…