Patriots Super Bowl Hero Drops Hints On Revealing Reason For Benching

The New England Patriots haven’t shared enough details of Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl benching. Head coach Bill Belichick and his talented player stayed quiet for years. Well, it seems like Butler decided to drop some hints on his infamous benching.

Butler went on 98.5 The Sports Hub to talk about the Super Bowl and he received some questions about his own Super Bowl experience. The benching part, to be more precise. Of course, Butler didn’t offer a response straight away. He just told everyone that they may hear the reason pretty soon.

“Like I always say, man, it was a coaching decision,” Butler told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Zolak & Bertrand” show. “It was a coach’s decision. But I really don’t know, man. There’s a documentary coming out where I’m talking about all that. I did that with some of the guys in New England. And I’ve got a book coming out, also, so I ain’t going to spill the beans right now. But it’ll be something to look forward to.”

Patriots don’t talk about the Super Bowl benching

It’s interesting to note that Belichick and Butler didn’t talk too much about this. The Patriots head coach didn’t feel like offering an explanation for his decision. Belichick benched Butler, but he brought him to New England in the 2022 offseason. The NFL star believes that this signing was Belichick’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for his handling of the Super Bowl situation.

Butler will never bring the attention to himself. He just felt like the Patriots were rewarding him for his handling of the ugly situation. That’s just one way of seeing this. Butler had great experience in New England. He helped the team win a lot of games and Belichick has nothing but great words for him. NFL players have to retire at some point of his career and Butler chose his path.

Belichick, on the other hand, has just finished another bad season. He will use the offseason to fix the damage and get some players who can actually offer efficient performance on the football field.