Julian Edelman Has Hilarious Reason Not Knowing Malcolm Butler-Super Bowl Details

Julian Edelman can’t say a word about Malcolm Butler and the infamous Super Bowl benching. Head coach Bill Belichick decided to bench Butler and has never offered detailed explanation about this move. Butler didn’t say a thing either. What about Edelman? He was there. He was a Patriot back in the days.

Edelman wasn’t playing. He was recovering from a torn ACL and was just a visitor. The former Patriots wideout arrived at US Bank Stadium to hype his teammates.

“I was too busy getting kicked out of the Colts box with Guy Fieri that Super Bowl,” Edelman said Thursday during a Reddit AMA.

“Guy had some tickets in the Colts box (oh, we’re friends nbd),” wrote Edelman. “Got settled, got my popcorn got my cracker jacks, telling old war stories to the lovely folks in the box. Then I get a tap on the shoulder. Colts management found out I was there, and let’s just say Indy isn’t known for its hospitality.”

Edelman found himself in another stadium box but the Patriots didn’t win the game. The team lost the Super Bowl to the Atlanta Falcons.

Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler will watch the Patriots win games from the stands

Butler joined the Patriots for another season. He announced his retirement but then came back to sign a deal with the team. Belichick gave him a second chance, but cut him right before the start of the regular season. Many thought that Butler would have a key role on the Patriots roster, but he won’t put on a Patriots jersey this season. Will he go somewhere else?

When it comes to Edelman, rumors about his return are louder than ever. People keep talking about his alleged return to the Patriots and the wideout didn’t even close the door for his return. He talks to Belichick all the time. What does that mean? We all know that Edelman needs a few weeks to prepare for the new season if the Patriots need him around. Edelman has received a lot of questions about his future plans.