Julian Edelman Shares Tom Brady’s Amazing Advice About What To Do During Suspension

The New England Patriots will have to play without Julian Edelman in the first four games of their regular season. The wide receiver was suspended for violating the PEDs policy.

Four games is a really long time for a player to be out of the game. Edelman’s absence may not affect the Patriots’ score in the matchups, but experts are worried about the post-suspension period. Julian Edelman will have to find a way, and keep playing, and he even got an advice from quarterback Tom Brady.

How does Edelman feel at the moment? He hasn’t played in a non-preseason game since the Pats win over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. That happened two years ago. Edelman was sidelined for the entire 2017 season due to a torn ACL.

Erik Scalavino opened the topic of Edelman, adding that the wide receiver asked Brady for tips on how to spend his suspension time. “During the forced hiatus, Edelman plans to do what he can to heal his body from the rigors of training camp while maintaining his football conditioning as best he can. He said he’s sought the advice of a “very helpful” QB Tom Brady, who was in a similar position two seasons ago for other reasons,” Scalavino said.

Remember the Deflategate scandal? Brady was also suspended for four games after the scandal rocked the Patriots two years ago. Yes, Edelman asked the right man for help. Brady did a really good job that season, and the Patriots will have the same success this year.

Edelman will sit out the first month of the regular season, and maybe this suspension thing will give the team a good chance to win the Super Bowl. That would be nice to watch.

Let’s see how will the Patriots play in the last preseason game.

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